Chapter Leadership


President – Kathryn K. Dierks, DO, FACEP View Bio










President-Elect – Stacey M. Marlow, MD, JD, FACEP View Bio


Immediate Past President – Ryan M. Dowden, MD, FACEP View Bio

Sarah Hoper, MD, JD, FACEP – Treasurer
Luke K. Espelund, MD, FACEP – Secretary

Board of Directors

Director at Large – Jacqueline E. Kitchen, MD View Bio









Director at Large – Hijinio G. Carreon, DO, FACEP View Bio


Brooke A. Dugdale, MD – Resident Representative (UICCM)
Natalie C. Martin – Student Representative (UICCM)
Kirby P. Lundy – Student Representative (DMU)


Rachael Sokol, DO, FACEP
Katheryn K. Dierks, DO, FACEP
Kelly M. Douglas, MD

Alternate Councillors

Stacey M. Marlow, MD, JD, FACEP
Jacqueline E. Kitchen, MD
Thomas E. Benzoni, DO, FACEP

All active Iowa ACEP members are eligible to serve on the Board of Directors or represent the Chapter as a Councillor. The Board of Directors has general supervision of chapter affairs at its annual meetings. Councillors represent Iowa ACEP at National ACEP Council Meetings held in conjunction with National ACEP events.